Distinguishing Between Talent Management and Competency Management Software

In today’s business environment, Competency Management is a fundamental part of the success of companies in regulated industries, and the strength of an organization’s management system can be the difference between staying ahead in a competitive market and falling behind. Many companies have turned to competency management software to streamline their management process, utilizing tools that automate different aspects such as reporting, tracking, training, and auditing employee workforces to make the process more efficient and effective. We discuss the value of this type of software in more detail in our article on Competency Management. While a wide variety of software solutions offering different features exist, searching through the different options can ultimately be difficult and time-consuming.

This article takes a closer look at the different types of competency management software that exist in the competency and employee management space, to see how different platforms create opportunities to meet an organization’s needs and optimize their success.

Talent Management Software Vs Competency Management Software

Talent Management and Competency Management go hand-in-hand, so where are the distinctions among the different HR software solutions, especially when Talent Management software solutions sometimes include competency management features? Talent Management solutions often offer specific recruiting tools including finding qualified individuals to meet job requirements, succession planning, manager training, facilitating communication, and more. Many are Cloud-based and can be integrated into an existing HR system, so finding the program that solves your company’s learning and development needs can be even easier when many systems are compatible with existing training, tracking, and management programs. To assist in the selection process, we have outlined the top 10 competency management software systems on the market today, including employee management software with competency features.

CABEM’s Competency Manager

CABEM’s Competency Manager is designed for you to create learning and development programs, assign them, and track the required hard and soft skills employees need based on their assigned roles, location, and more. The software allows for storing any required certifications and individual credentials and comes with a reporting suite that includes a skills gap analysis, activity grid, risk reporting, and more. Companies can also ensure competency with a variety of learning completion methods such as witnessing, approvals, and traditional LMS techniques. With the ability to implement blended learning with SCORM and a built-in LMS compatible with existing training programs, the software also ultimately enables pairing new training pathways with the newly identified learning and development pathways.

Our team works with you to identify your needs and can customize the software with modules or further development if needed, or it can be deployed in the cloud, and you can get started right away. If you are interested in learning more about the Competency Manager, we’d love to schedule a demo today.

Skills DB Pro

Skills DB Pro Competency Management Software is a cloud-based platform that has been designed to accurately assess the skills of employees. This software enables the configuration of desired skill sets and proficiency levels corresponding to each job position within your organization. Additionally, it incorporates features for ISO compliance and succession planning. The platform’s adaptability allows it to be tailored to your team’s needs, and the company offers the expertise of competency framework consultants to assist in efficiently establishing a competency framework for your business. Offering a comprehensive range of over 3,000 skills and 2,000 job roles, the Skills DB Pro system is constructed by utilizing predefined skills and roles to expedite the initiation of your software. The software also enables the identification of skill gaps, the formulation of training strategies to address these gaps, and the monitoring of individual development plans and certification management.

Avilar Technologies

Avilar’s competency management software is another cloud-based software that allows organizations to create competency frameworks, define job roles and competencies, train individuals, understand the skills of their workforce, and perform competency assessments. The power of the system comes from the Avilar Employee Competency Model, which is comprised of more than 350 skills within 50 skill groups. One of the key features of Avilar is its ability to create personalized development plans for employees. The software analyzes employee competency assessments and creates customized training plans that address their specific skill gaps while offering powerful reporting capabilities on these assessments, training effectiveness, and skills gaps. This helps organizations to ensure that their employees receive targeted and effective training and enables organizations to make data-driven decisions. This model is designed for corporate, government, and non-profit organizations, and Avilar’s content partners offer easy access to up-to-date training courses. Avilar’s competency-based performance management tool can be used “as is” or customized to fit the unique needs of your organization.


Talentguard’s Competency Management System is a comprehensive talent management software platform that offers a range of solutions for companies to manage and develop their employees’ competencies. It consists of thousands of skills in more than 22 industries. The software allows employees to showcase their skills, experiences, certifications, and work history, and can even be used to crowdsource employee suggestions of new skills. There are multiple levels of proficiency in each competency to allow for the growth of each employee, and the platform provides a competency library with pre-built competencies that can be customized to suit the specific needs of the organization. The system also provides interview questions and coaching tips for supervisors while assisting employees with different competencies. Lastly, TalentGuard provides consulting services for its customers in areas including career pathing, performance management, competency development, succession planning, and more.

HRSG Competency Core

The HRSG’s Competency Core is the first AI-driven platform for managing talent through competency-based development. The platform gives access to 300+ behavioral, technical, and leadership competencies which can be edited and linked to the job descriptions in your company. The software also comes with existing job descriptions such as accounting, marketing, and software development The behavioral competencies focus on the soft skills of your employees such as team building or time management. Technical competencies cover the application of knowledge and skills to perform specific tasks. Leadership competencies are used to harness leadership talents and translate them into measurable skills and behaviors. The system even allows you to build competency-based interviews for the onboarding and hiring process. And existing employees, have access to career management tools to promote internal growth and advancement of their careers within the organization.


Lexonis partners with IBM to offer a cloud-based software platform that has a comprehensive library of technical and behavioral competencies so companies can customize the skills needed for individual positions. It offers a suite of tools that enable organizations to identify, develop, and manage the competencies of their workforce. The Lexonis Competency Framework goes beyond competency management by also offering performance management, career planning, and recruitment. The program helps company owners and managers view, manage, and share competency data from one convenient location with real-time visibility of competency levels across the organization. The system is subscription-based and easy to launch, with a user-friendly platform that can be accessed from anywhere.


The Competency Management System from Kahuna is ideal for small to large corporations that need a cloud-based system to assign competencies and assessments, track performance, and plan for future workforce needs. Kahuna’s software includes competency assessments, development planning, and coaching tools. The platform uses Ai algorithms and machine learning to match the right healthcare talent with the right job opportunities. Kahuna also offers a mobile app that makes core competency tracking easier for managers. The software can also suggest development opportunities for existing employees as needed, and if this does not solve company needs, Kahuna can create action plans to hire those required skills. They also provide a suite of tools to help healthcare organizations manage their staffing needs efficiently, offering a wide range of healthcare staffing solutions.


Leapsome is a people enablement platform that focuses on employee development and allows organizations to create custom competency frameworks. Within their cloud-based platform that can be integrated into existing HR and communication tools, Leapsome offers features for employee engagement, learning, and development, as well as tools to help companies set and track goals, provide feedback, and facilitate communication. For company-wide goal setting and tracking, the software enables the creation of smart goals or OKRs to drive progress by setting up recurring goal cycles with fixed timelines. The platform also offers access to a curated library of third-party or internally created content for employee training after development paths have been identified from their competency frameworks. Leapsome also provides focus on assigning skills to goals so that employees can have a tangible target to develop skill sets and drive career advancement.

AG5 Skills Management 

AG5 Skills Management Software is a central hub for skills management needs that creates skills matrices to visualize the skills gaps in your company’s teams. The platform is centered around creating intuitive dashboards to remove the need for spreadsheets and enable companies to quickly identify who is qualified for projects and tasks, to easily manage the skills analysis side of competency management. The software also offers features to search for suitable replacements for job positions, utilize skill and requirement libraries to categorize and structure skills and qualifications, and create automated workflows to make sure certifications are up to date. The platform also has training tracking capabilities to set automated alerts and provide easy oversight over expiring or required certifications.


Twiser’s AI-based Competency Management software can be combined with their OKR and Performance Management tools for employee assessment and management. Within the platform, employees can self-assess their skills and get a detailed summary of competencies, while managers can define, adapt, and change competency sets for specific individuals or groups. HR professionals can also set up evaluation periods and use competency reports as a tool to evaluate employee performance. On top of Twiser’s competency management features, the company also offers a learning management system to manage employee training with tailored content and advanced reporting capabilities.

If your competency management system isn’t fitting the needs of your organization, or your company is working within a highly regulated industry and is looking to supplement its management processes, the current competency management software solutions can offer a wide scope of features and customizable integrations. Yet ultimately, the best competency management software programs are not only designed to track employee competencies, but they are also built to be modified as the company grows and those requirements evolve.