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Simplify audits, ensure vendor and employee tracking, and reduce costs with CABEM’s CJIS Credentials Manager.


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The Better Way to Track CJIS Credentials

The CABEM CJIS Credential Manager tracks individual CJIS requirements for vendors, employees, and officers. An online experience that steps your employees and vendors through the process, provides real-time visibility, and keeps you prepared for audits on an ongoing basis.


Here’s How It Works



Configure your CJIS requirements. We setup the default requirements for you, and it’s easy to edit to your needs.


Manage security addendums, fingerprints, background checks, and security awareness training records. It’s all structured to help your team understand exactly what they need to do. Use our system, and you’re implementing the program correctly.

Visibility + Proof

Get real-time status—anytime, anywhere. Share reports that go beyond saying you are compliant. Now you can prove compliance by confirming physical records (like fingerprints) within the tool or exported in reports that you can submit to the state.

Software should be able to do business the way you want to. CABEM has 21+ years of experience providing highly flexible business solutions across a wide array of industries including manufacturing, healthcare, education, and government.

Make the Most of Your Budget

You will save money by managing CJIS credentials the right way. Let us show you how, with our ROI calculator.


CJIS Manager Benefits

Prevent possible sanctions due to non-compliance

Easily track fingerprints with a submitted status to the FBI

Quickly determine the status of a vendor employee’s access compliance

Save time for CJIS administrators by automating information flow and eliminating the need for manual spreadsheets or paper-based systems

Avoid any lapse in permissions with automatic reminders for renewal dates

Pass audits with easy to use reporting

Flexible enough to accommodate varying state to state requirements

CABEM CJIS Vendor Tracking Software
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