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If you digitize work instructions, create expert documentation, or implement LMS systems for clients, you’ve probably run into these client requests:

  • How can we centralize this excellent content in a way that is user-friendly and conducive to all learning styles?
  • What can we show auditors and prospects to prove that our employees are masters of their domains?
  • How can I assemble a team that has demonstrated competency in a given topic and facilitate their ongoing development?

Even in the digital era, many organizations struggle to answer these questions without a Competency Platform like CABEM. And many clients come to CABEM hoping to find the fantastic digital instructions and documentation that brands like yours help produce. Together, we can provide a more comprehensive and valuable solution for our clients.

We leverage partnerships of many different kinds to help make Competency Manager the best product possible for our customers. We also work with strategic partners, combining our product, services, and knowledge with other organizations to produce even more market share for both.

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