Software Solutions to
Advance your Business

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Information Security

CABEM’s technical foundation and pragmatic approach provides comprehensive security solutions including program development, problem resolution, and ongoing surveillance. 

Software Solutions

Practicing a hands-on approach, CABEM develops custom software solutions for your organization when there are no "off-the-shelf" software applications that meet your specific needs. 

Support Services

CABEM's technical support services offers a cost-effective approach for businesses in need of technical expertise, without having to hire, train, and maintain an in-house team.


With more than a million users, CABEM’s Livia web-platform provides a secure, stable, and cost-effective platform for custom software solutions.

Workplace Trainer

Workplace Trainer is an enterprise level training program used to centralize training at low effort per student, while implementing a flexible classroom approach.

Workload Manager

Standardize production your way; manage resources, schedules, job execution, tasks, communications and more from anywhere.

Test Report Manager

For test labs, a data management system that allows you to bundle data, build reports, and access data acquisition equipment remotely.