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CABEM Credentialing Manager 

You have countless word documents, files, and spreadsheets tracking medical professional, student and staff certifications and trainings. But it is becoming too cumbersome. Improper privileging can lead to lawsuits- it’s time to do something about it.

 Credentialing Manager is an enterprise solution that can help you reduce liability, achieve regulatory compliance, and retain talent by proving competency.


Credential tracking software is a versatile tool that finds its place across a myriad of industries, proving itself essential in managing and tracking a diverse array of critical credentials.

From finance, where certifications and licenses ensure compliance with ever-evolving regulations, to education, where qualifications and accreditations uphold the standards of teaching and learning, this software streamlines the process of keeping credentials up to date. In the tech sector, it helps companies stay ahead by tracking certifications in rapidly changing technologies, ensuring teams are always at the forefront of innovation. Construction and engineering sectors also benefit greatly, as the software ensures that all personnel have the required safety and professional certifications, mitigating risks and enhancing project integrity.

By automating the tracking and renewal of necessary credentials, businesses across these industries can focus more on their core operations, secure in the knowledge that their compliance and standards are being proactively managed.


Credentialing Software Benefits

credential tracking software

Track Certifications and Credentials

Eliminate spreadsheets with document libraries to store employee certifications, credentials, and any other records, with notifications for expirations.

train individuals online

Train Individuals Online

Assign trainings with a variety of different learning styles such as multiple choice tests, open response, virtual classroom, performance assessments, and more.

pass audits with ease

Pass Audits with Ease

Create transcripts of any completed trainings and competency activities internally to be used for progress reports and any internal or external audits.

maintain compliance

Maintain Compliance

Adhere to ISO, OSHA, and other regulations with document tracking, archived training materials, and more.

at a glance reporting for credentialing

At A Glance Reporting

Create a simple visual report of outstanding requirements and completed activities for training activities.

ceu and cme accreditations

CEU and CME Accreditations

Assign online or classroom trainings for medical providers to earn their CMEs (Continuing Medical Education) and store this information in each user’s profile.


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