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Manage Your Most Important Asset. People.

Manage Your Most Important Asset. People.

The Competency Manager allows you to build a framework for workforce competency and compliance. Manage learning and development pathways, train employees, and reduce risk across the organization.

How it Works

Manage Your Organization

The CMGR doesn't make you force-fit your current process. Use the organizational chart to provide an at-a-glance view of every location, department, role, and individual in the company.

Build Competency Models

Identify the competencies, skills, qualifications, and attributes employees need for a comprehensive learning and development program, and then fulfill each requirement accordingly.

Develop Your Workforce

Use a variety of completion methods to satisfy your competency requirements and expectations. Examples include user/manager approvals, performance assessments, and traditional LMS functionality such as test taking, video playback, and more.

Publish Reports and Analytics

Run reports to analyze and address your organization's progress. Reports include a skills matrix, current risks, and competency gaps.

For the Enterprise

Onboarding and Acquisitions

Scalable to accommodate growing organizations. Facilitate efficient group onboarding, assignments, and quickly administer competencies. Add new employees, locations, departments, and information through an API integration or CSV uploads.

Identify and Address Skills Gaps

Run reports to identify the competencies required for emerging roles, important clients, and new teams. Encourage internal growth and continuous improvement for employees by showing what new skills they can learn.

Assign and Manage Risk

Identify and address the highest priority risks to your organization today or in the future, as well as publish reports on actionable data.

Maintain ISO and OSHA Compliance

Adhere to ISO, OSHA, and other regulations with document tracking, archived training materials, and more, allowing you to pass audits with ease.

For the Association

Track and Manage Accreditations

Eliminate spreadsheets and filing cabinets with document libraries, to retain employee records and information for current and past years.

Simplify and Extend Your Program to Your Membership Base

Organize any companies and entities who are members of your association.

Create and Access Transcripts

Upload credits and certificates to track competencies and skill sets earned from other institutions.

For the Individual

Maintain Records

Eliminate spreadsheets and filing cabinets with document libraries, to retain employee records and information for current and past years.

Assign Notifications

Avoid missing key deadlines with automated notifications. Alert users to new and overdue competencies, certification renewals, and approaching requirements.

Promote Recognition and Achievement

Use gamification to reward employees who complete required and optional competencies, receiving shareable CEUs, hours, or points based on each competency.

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"Safety and employee development are a huge part of our culture and we always strive to implement best practices in tandem with progressive systems. The Competency Manager will help us manage the employee growth process, and emphasize safety and risk mitigation in a more effective way."

Peter Owens, President

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