Competency Management Case Studies

Review these competency management case studies to help determine if CABEM has the right solutions for you.

Competency Case Studies

Competency Management Case Study: Mill Steel

Steel manufacturing company Mill Steel selected CABEM’s Competency Manager software for its training program and was able to double facilities while training all new employees virtually. Click below to learn how.

Large University Leverages Competency Manager for CEU Transcript Generation

A large state university used the competency manager for transcript generation for approximately 25,000 continuing education units (CEU) going back 20 -30 years. CABEM loaded the students, courses, and dates in the system, and the transcript generator automated the generation of transcripts saving the university significant time with accessing, generating, and submitting transcripts.

Non-Profit Implements Mentoring Across the Globe

A Global non-profit that works around the world to support language requirements uses the competency manager to implement sophisticated mentoring processes. Their approach uses multiple mentor-to-mentee relationships, a formal curriculum, training programs, and the Dreyfus model for proficiency, and threshold scoring to quantify competency in the various curriculum domains (Behavioral, Credential, Skills).

Continuing Medical Education Program Implementation to Facilitate Training

The large historical and reputable medical school is using an adapted competency manager implementation to educate 70,000 medical professionals around the world as part of their continuing education requirements. The system extends and manages the online training, in-class training, and on-premises training to all interested parties including medical students, university educators, and business process administrators.

Medical Franchise Manages the Credentials Process Through Strategic Integrations

This Healthcare and Life wellness franchise presently at 125+ facilities and growing quickly uses the competency manager to manage credentials across the country. Using a multiform generator, DocuSign, and HR integrations the competency manager is also integrated to primary source databases to automate many aspects of the credential management process.

Automotive Manufacturer Satisfies Skills Management and ISO 16949/17025

This multistate automotive provider uses the competency manager to manage training and competency across the enterprise for heavy equipment and machinery. They use supervisors as Subject Management Experts (SMEs) at seven (7) locations to support their location’s unique training and competency requirements while fulfilling the ISO requirements for 16949, and 17025. They also use the Competency Manager awards/points module to reward employees as part of the overall company’s cultural, educational, and charitable initiatives.

Aerospace Manufacturer Satisfies Skills Management and AS9100

An Aerospace manufacturer is using the Competency Manager to manage training instructions and competency per AS9100. This implementation uses single sign-on (SSO)and is integrated into their HR system, their work instructions, and quality system. It automatically restricts machinery and facility access based on employee training and competency.

Large Electronics Manufacturer Manages CJIS Requirements for Employees

A large provider of electronics to the criminal justice marketplace is using CABEM’s CJIS manager to efficiently manage their CJIS training and employee background management requirements in all 50 states. Using single sign-on (SSO) and integrated into their HR system, CABEM’s CJIS application is flexible enough to manage its unique state requirements while fulfilling the Federally mandated program.



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