Construction Credentialing & Competency Platform

A customizable solution for competency-based training with real-time progress tracking and audit-ready reports.


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You are in the Construction Industry, and you are good at what you do.

But you have countless word documents, files, and spreadsheets tracking staff certifications and training. But it is becoming too cumbersome. You aren’t confident that all people have the required credentials, and it’s time to do something about it.

CABEM Competency manager is a Competency-based Training and Credentialing solution that inspires organizations and mitigates compliance risk.

Case Study: Mill Steel

Steel manufacturing company Mill Steel selected CABEM’s Competency Manager software for its training program and was able to double facilities while training all new employees virtually. Click below to learn how.

How It Works

Competency-based Learning and Credentialing in Action


Subject Matter Experts

Create learning and development activities and documentation requests directly in Competency Manager, or integrate with your existing LMS!



Assign activities to individuals or teams. Measure and reward progress. Quickly assemble teams that fit job requirements, and verify their competency.



Progress through learning and development activities inspired by gamification and incentives. Receive alerts for expiring certifications and upcoming due dates.


Track Certifications and Credentials

Eliminate spreadsheets with document libraries to store employee certifications, credentials, and any other records, with notifications for expirations.


Maintain Compliance

Adhere to ISO, OSHA, and other regulations with document tracking, archived training materials, and more.


Train Individuals Online

Assign trainings with a variety of different learning styles such as multiple choice tests, open response, virtual classroom, performance assessments, and more.


Pass Audits with Ease

Create transcripts of any completed trainings and competency activities internally to be used for progress reports and any internal or external audits.


Accommodate State to State Requirements

Create a simple visual report of outstanding requirements and completed activities for training activities.


Vendor Management

Quickly determine the status of a vendor employee’s access compliance.


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