Law Enforcement CJIS Solution

A customizable solution with real-time progress tracking and audit-ready reports.


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CJIS Manager for Law Enforcement

CABEM CJIS Manager guides, tracks, and reports compliance with an online experience that steps your employees and vendors through the process provides real-time visibility and keeps you prepared for audits on an ongoing basis.

CJIS Manager Benefits

Prevent possible sanctions due to non-compliance

Easily track fingerprints with a submitted status to the FBI

Quickly determine the status of a vendor employee’s access compliance

Save time for CJIS administrators by automating information flow and eliminating the need for manual spreadsheets or paper-based systems

Avoid any lapse in permissions with automatic reminders for renewal dates

Pass audits with easy to use reporting

Flexible enough to accommodate varying state to state requirements

CABEM CJIS Vendor Tracking Software
CJIS Vendor Compliance Online


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