Mill Steel Case Study:

Manufacturer Mill Steel Doubles Facilities and Trains All New Workers

Mill Steel Case Study

Mill Steel was experiencing rapid growth and was running into problems scaling its current training program across new locations. At the time, plant managers were training all workers at each respective site with their own methods. Due to this, training techniques were not consistent, and record keeping between each facility was difficult as some were tracking using Excel, pen and paper, and other methods. Mill Steel was also looking for new ways to improve product quality and consistency across multiple facilities.


“The Competency Manager has created consistency in training across the organization. And it’s flexible enough that if machinery is slightly different at each facility, the training program can be adjusted easily.”

– Troy Mossel, Training Program Director

The Solution

Mill Steel selected CABEM’s Competency Manager to institute a competency, training, and quality management software that could help implement consistent training programs across the entire organization. Since starting with Competency Manager, Mill Steel has continued to grow, adding three new facilities across the country in Texas, Indiana, and Michigan. These new facilities were all trained using the new platform, and now all departments are training and onboarding new employees with the competency management software. During this time, Mill Steel has increased employee size and revenue significantly.

manufacturer mill steel competency manager case study


Mill Steel is a manufacturing company that provides steel products to the automotive industry, and has facilities across the country. They were experiencing a rapid growth period of opening additional facilities, and due to this, finding it harder and harder to train its employees across the country. At the time, plant managers were doing all training on site, with differing training methods and inconsistent tracking methods as well. Now that the company uses CABEM’s Competency Manager to conduct all trainings across the company’s 6 nationwide facilities, the company has increased in size, and been able to make training across the organization consistent, effective, and save countless man hours for the plant managers.

Mill Steel Training Program Director, Troy Mossel, uses the product every day. He uses the software to create the quality and training programs and sends them to each plant manager to carry out with their respective facilities. This has made it easier to document policies and procedure, make sure facilities are following the procedures properly, as well as conduct on-site audits. This helps reduce cases of non-conformances too. And as a precaution, contingency plans are submitted to each facility using the tool. Competencies can be set up for each role, location, and other criteria. The competencies can include work instructions as well, as the software is integrated with Mill Steel’s work instructions program, content library, and more. To address specific requirements, Mill Steel requested CABEM included a custom add-on SSO (single sign-on) so that individual users can use the same credentials to log in to multiple software systems that are connected to Competency Manager. All trainings can be tracked within the system, which Mossel uses to publish day to day reports on activity such as crane operator trainings. “The Competency Manager has created consistency in training across the organization. And it’s flexible enough that if machinery is slightly different at each facility, the training program can be adjusted easily.”

On-site, Competency Manager is set up on kiosks where workers can watch videos, read safety documents, and take tests. The program is cloud based as well and therefore can be run on any computer, tablet, or mobile phone depending on the employee’s role and work setup. The software allows facility managers to train employees on a wide variety of Mill Steel machinery.

The software has made it possible for Mossel to delegate easier and save time. Much of the actual training can be created by him and sent to plant managers, whereas before much of the on-site training had to be done by him or other people traveling to the specific facilities across the country.

He says it has also created a more unified corporate culture. All employees can watch corporate training videos through a program called Mill Steel University. It has also helped with community outreach. The organization has instituted a charitable program called Give 2 Get, managed through the Competency Manager, that gives incentives for employees who do a certain amount of community service. Not only does this get employees excited about giving back, it also allows them more opportunity to engage with the product, making everyone more comfortable with taking required and optional trainings in the future.

Overall, the addition of Competency Manager has been a success with Mill Steel, allowed the organization to continue to grow at a fast pace, and keep consistency in training standards so all new employees and facilities operate under the same excellent standards that has made Mill Steel a success for over 60 years. If you believe Competency Manager can help your organization establish a better training, competency, and credentialing program, contact us today at or fill out the form below.

manufacturer mill steel competency manager case study

(Above, a classroom at one of Mill Steel’s brand new facilities. Courtesy of Mill Steel)

Mill Steel Case Study

Doubled facilities and trained all using CABEM Competency based Training Manager!


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