Benefits of An Automated Competency-based Training Program

Are you looking for that competitive advantage in your business or to develop new talent? Need to know how to improve program effectiveness and exceed your organizational targets? A Competency-Based Training (CBT) program, also commonly called utilizing a competency framework, is all you need to achieve these goals. CBT has been around for decades but is regaining its popularity. In this article, we will dig deep into the value of a CBT program and understand the benefits of utilizing an automated software program to meet all of your CBT needs.

Competency-based training is a learning model in which the required knowledge and skill (competency) must be demonstrated before advancing to the next task. Unlike traditional training methods, CBT is broken down into small units focused on specific skills. Competencies can be divided into two groups within an organization’s competency framework: core and job role competencies. This framework gives employees a comprehensive understanding of what skills and knowledge are needed for their job, with required outcomes and targets clearly stated so that the learner knows exactly what is expected of them, and where they are on a training track toward achieving those targets. Participants must master one skill or competency before continuing to the next portion of the training. The learner usually receives a qualification or certification at the end of CBT training.


6 Benefits of a Competency-Based Training Program

  1. Self-paced and Personalized – Modules can be completed at the user’s pace. Training programs can be personalized to meet employees’ interests, skills, and needs. People have unique learning styles and a competency-based training program can be customized to create a more effective and targeted development program.
  2. Productivity in the workplace– The modules can be broken down into small units, making training programs less daunting and more manageable. Units can be completed on an as-needed basis. This is a huge advantage when balancing training with already busy work schedules.
  3. Improved performance and Employee Development – Employees are more motivated and experience job satisfaction when they are competent in their position, know their performance expectations, and receive recognition.  This improves the overall productivity of employees and the organization. Additionally, leaders in an organization can create teams of employees with complementary skills. Career progression and promotional paths can be outlined.  Employees have the opportunity to learn more competencies beyond their roles.
  4. Efficient – The training and assessment in a competency-based training program are relevant to the job expectations. This allows for a smooth and efficient transfer of knowledge and skills. Competency is achieved, and work performance improves. Employees can be provided the training they need, which will lead to decreased errors. Valuable skills and knowledge stay within an organization with clearly defined core competencies.
  5. Goal-oriented – The training is focused on identified areas requiring performance improvement. Custom-designed training enables specific performance-related outcomes. Individuals’ gaps and strengths are defined, and talent is measured. This allows training to become motivational and empowering.
  6. Cost-effective – The training, development, and assessment can occur on the job, which makes it more cost-effective for employers. Since the training programs are goal-oriented and personalized, money is not wasted on training that is not necessary.

The professional development of your team is the focus of competency-based training. Planning and collaboration are required, and all parties must be clear about the company’s vision and business goals. For training to be motivational and empowering, employees must not feel burdened by training. According to LinkedIn’s 2018 Workplace Learning Report, 93% of employees say they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their careers. 68% of employees prefer to learn at work, and 58% prefer to learn at their own pace.

With so many benefits to an effective competency-based program, it is crucial to have an automated software program in place that provides the opportunity for employees to learn at work and at their own pace.

Why Choose an Automated Training Software Program?

Building a strong workforce is critical. An effective competency management plan allows employers to make better hiring decisions and ensure that new employees are a good fit from the start. Skills, abilities, knowledge, behaviors, and experiences are all important in determining job fit and performance. There are many benefits to an automated software program like Competency Manager.

Manage Competency – Identify the hard and soft skills needed to be fully competent and automate the process to complete each requirement.

Train Individuals Online – Assign training with various learning styles, such as multiple-choice tests, open responses, virtual classrooms, performance assessments, and more.

Assign and Manage Risk – Identify and address the highest priority risks to your organization today or in the future, as well as publish reports on actionable data.

Maintain Compliance – Adhere to ISO, OSHA, and other regulations with audit reporting, document tracking, archived training materials, and more.

Track Certifications – Eliminate spreadsheets with document libraries to store employee certifications, credentials, and any other records, with notifications for expirations.

Identify and Address Skills Gaps – Run reports to identify the competencies required for emerging roles, important clients, and new teams. Identify what training is not being completed.

CABEM Technologies’ Competency Manager includes powerful reporting capabilities out of the box. The interactive Activity Grid matrix is a skills inventory that makes it easy to zero in on user progress toward completion. The Activity Grid allows Managers, Mentors, and System Administrators to view the details of a user’s progress for all assignments and act through approval sign-offs, assessments, and multiple other actions right from within the same screen. Discriminating filters provide the most efficient way to access important real-time business intelligence.

CABEM works closely with customers to assist them in achieving their organizational goals by configuring a unique application instance according to each organization’s competency model, framework, and credentialing needs.

Contact us today to learn how our competency management software can help you prove competency within your organization. To learn more, please visit our website and schedule a call.