Competency Management Solutions Platform

Customizable solution for training, regulatory compliance, and credentialing with real-time progress tracking and audit-ready reports.

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Competency Management Solutions Platform

Customizable solution for training, regulatory compliance, and credentialing with real-time progress tracking and audit-ready reports.

In partnership with 

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A customizable solution for competency management, credentialing, and vendor management.  Eliminate spreadsheets and disparate systems.  Create document libraries to store employee certifications, credentials, and other records – with notifications for expirations and the ability to alert prior to expiration.

You are a Manufacturing, Healthcare, Higher Education, or Government leader with critical responsibilities.  You have countless Word documents, files, and spreadsheets tracking competencies, training, and required certifications for staff, front-line workers, medical professionals, and students.  But it is becoming increasingly cumbersome.  Improper privileging can lead to audit issues, lack of compliance, and even lawsuits – it’s time to do something about it.

Customer Stories

Harvard Medical

Harvard Medical School (2019)

80,000 Worldwide learners, Administrative tools to operate course accreditation and credit claiming processes.

MaGov EOTTS (2021)

Vendor Risk Assessment tool for EOTSS. Utilizes Livia workflow for process management and administrative tools for self-service customization


NQA (2013)

ISO Worldwide certification body, complex fee calculation engine.

Sontiq - TU

TransUnion/Sontiq (2006)

B2C application scaled to Millions of members, Complex Integrations with data providers, Excel import process with 100s of B2B customers, audited security controls.


NTS (2002)

Multi-Location scheduling and operational platform for Industrial testing with  Complex hierarchical permission and work routing requirements 

Sontiq - TU

Forbright (2011)

B2B, B2C products for Commercial Banking and Solar Lending. Handles complex financial calculations, and work queue assignments with Livia workflow engine.


KState (2007)

Brownfields Grant Mgt, Integration with EPA , Data management process, self-service administrative tools to handle govt changes over time. 

Customizable Competency Platform

If training and quality assurance are top priorities for your organization, but your competency management system doesn’t feel credible, isn’t repeatable, or leaves your team uneasy as they prepare for audits, CABEM can help.

A Comprehensive Solution

  • Create a stepwise curriculum, a one-off learning activity, or documentation/ credentialing task.
  • Assign to individuals or groups.
  • Recognize – Make it official by awarding certificates and badges.
“CABEM has everything we were looking for from an LMS. On top of that, the competency management features have boosted our efficiency and work quality.”

Telemedicine Director, Behavioral Health Group


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You pick. Host on-premises or in the cloud.
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Ready to meet your unique business needs.
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Connect CABEM with your software and data.
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Improve work quality. Reduce errors and waste.
“CABEM helped us reduce customer-reported issues by 44% and cut scrap by $500k in < 2 years.”
Andy Fossum

Director of Production, Crystal Group

A Comprehensive Solution

No more wondering and waiting. CABEM’s audit-ready reports are always up to date.

Featured Reporting Tool:

The Skills Matrix is an interactive cross-tab view of workers and the status of their qualifications. Search for skills needed for a project. Track progress. Click through to intuitively address issues and recognize achievement.

Microsoft Partner
“It’s so easy to answer auditor questions now. We can be supertransparent and show our entire process.”

HR Partner, Mission Gear Specialists


CABEM has 20+ years of experience developing custom enterprise solutions for organizations with the highest standards.

Software should be able to do business the way you want to. That’s how we build it.

“CABEM has provided us with a legitimate system to respond to issues and establish accountability.”
HR Manager

“The only vendor we found who was willing to host onpremises and integrate with our existing systems.”


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