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What Support Services Does CABEM Provide?

CABEM supports information technology with documentation, training, user feedback, usability, second level help desk, and technical support. Our support services group tailors the program to the unique needs of each customer. We provide these services to different classes of users, including management, technical, system admin, and applications users.

Why Choose CABEM? Because You Get Answers

CABEM's culture puts an emphasis on responsiveness and problem solving. We understand that getting you answers when you need them is vital to a successful support services program. And our technical heritage ensures that the answers have the depth and foundation to meet even the most sophisticated organizational requirements.


CABEM performs usability studies to evaluate the performance of existing software applications. The applications are evaluated on their overall efficiency, accessibility, effectiveness, and user experience. CABEM studies the functionality of the application and provides objective data to formulate and implement recommendations for enhancements. 

User Interviews

CABEM can conduct user interviews to gather feedback on the application. These interviews will reveal the user’s positive and negative interactions with the application. CABEM can compile a report of the surveyed results to determine the usability of your product/system.

Usability Report

CABEM's usability team can conduct an evaluation of an existing software system or application, and provide the customer detailed reports of the results. One way to evaluate usability is by using a Direct Tool Analysis, where CABEM evaluates and analyzes a user’s direct interaction with the software. 


The Training Services offered by CABEM include a range of options. CABEM not only offers assistance in the creation and management of training plans specific to your business, but we also can support the customer with the training delivery using our Workplace Trainer tool.

Train the Trainer 

CABEM can train Administrators, Help Desk Personnel, Customer Service Departments, and other key stakeholders in your organization, who will then train the end users.

Train the Application Users 

CABEM can directly train end users across the organization, and all training delivery methods can be offered on-site or virtually. 


CABEM generates documentation to help ensure that users are accurately engaging with the software. In addition to producing documentation, CABEM can also manage your training content materials to guarantee that they are easily accessible.

Technical Documentation

CABEM produces technical software documentation that focuses on how the software was built (programming language(s), tools, etc.) and how the software works (database design, API, information architecture, systems integration, hosting/servers etc.). This will help your technical personnel get a full understanding of the software application.

Admin Documentation

CABEM produces documentation to provide technical guidance to software admins. Admin documentation serves as a foundation for users responsible for managing the software application, ensuring that they understand its functionality and are able to interact with it.

User Manuals

Providing software that is easy for end-users to understand is difficult to accomplish. CABEM provides user documentation that focuses on software interaction by User and by Role; this means that the documentation will vary depending on the user permissions.

Technical Support

CABEM can help guide your business in a variety of different areas, from the very early stages of the software build to ongoing support throughout: 

Deployment Support

CABEM's team can work together with the customer to ensure a strategy and plan are put in place to ensure the successful rollout of an application.

Ongoing/Helpdesk Support

Once an application is successfully launched, CABEM can provide ongoing/helpdesk support to facilitate a smooth transition between the launch of the application and its continued utilization. CABEM can take full responsibility for the help desk support (1st line support) or only act after the 1st line has been addressed by the customer (2nd line support), saving you time and money that would be necessary to hire an in-house team.

Managing Feedback Loop

As part of continued support of an application, CABEM can also manage feedback loops by capturing and consolidating user feedback data for the customer.