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What the Competency Manager Does for Your Business

Whether you are managing a workforce, fielding an audit, fostering employee growth, promoting training and retention, or mitigating employee risk, the Competency Manager makes sure your organization is prepared and compliant.

The Competency Manager was developed closely with quality consultants, HR personnel, healthcare advisors, and safety professionals, within the aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, services, and academic industries, to ensure that it covers everything you will need to manage competencies properly and efficiently.

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CABEM is presently securing subject matter experts in Quality, Safety, and HR to support customer rollout and field sales for market specialization.

The Competency Manager increases employee proficiency, decreases organizational costs and organizational risk, all while standardizing practices across an enterprise.

Developed with ISO Quality Systems, Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S), HR, Medical, and regulated industries in mind, the tool automatically monitors whether requirements are being satisfied and identifies underperforming areas.

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For the SME, Manager, and Executives: Meet quality and regulated requirements efficiently

  • Develop, prove, view, manage and maintain the competencies of employees
  • Manage risk, promote retention and growth
  • Assign, develop and approve assignments with the comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS), attendance, witnessing and surveillance modules
  • Automatically maintain, update and have access to auditable records and documents
  • Instantly see organizational status from your dashboard and report module

For the Employee: See your standing, progress and growth

  • Understand and satisfy your requirements for competency on your personal dashboard
  • Perform designated assignments using the LMS
  • Learn and satisfy stretch skills and qualifications towards roles you aspire to reach

For the Administrators: Manage the organization and application

  • Map the Competency Manager to any existing organizational structure
  • Configure and manage users, permissions, and risk tolerance
  • Easily upload users and data with the onboarding tool
  • Use the built in Library, Document and Communication manager for enterprise management