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How do you know your employees and vendors are qualified for the jobs they are doing? If you wait for an audit to track down this answer, will you have enough time to find it? 

Answer in seconds with CABEM’s Competency Manager.

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Our LMS – Or Yours

Your LMS or Ours

CABEM’s Competency Manager makes learning accessible to the entire workforce through its many options for implementing blended learning. With SCORM compatibility and a built in LMS, the Competency Manager provides a central framework for all your content, no matter the source. Centralized learning materials allow your organization to stay organized and provide consistency, two essential elements of increasing learner engagement. Easily import existing training programs, build your own tests and assessments, track attendance, administer guided learning. Create a learning ecosystem by integrating with your existing LMS or pull in content from third party content providers.

With the Competency Manager there’s no single right way to offer learning options to your workforce!

Automate Your Competency Framework

Automate your current or newly designed competency framework with simple or more complex multi-step competencies, certifications, trainings, and regulatory compliance requirements. Multiple workflows accommodate sequencing for prerequisite tasks, such as self attestations, manager approvals, document uploads, in addition to evaluations and trainings.



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