Senior scientist, Harvey Schau, Ph.D. has joined CABEM as a consultant teaming up with us on undisclosed projects for the military. Currently, a visiting professor at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with a subject matter expertise in Optics and Infrared Technologies, Dr. Schau has 25 years of experience working with military systems that include: R&D in optics, image processing, hyperspectral sensing, aerospace engineering, and pattern recognition for Meridian Systems; design for diffractive optics elements and development of a real time computer-based system for processing 6 LWIR and 4 visible sensors in a missile seeker DARPA; achieving success in phase correction using liquid crystals for wide-field view optics, and, diffractive infrared optics for wide-field of regard without gimbals for Raytheon; as well as field measurement, integration, and testing of electro-optical and infrared sensors and missile seekers at the Radiation Technology Laboratory and computer models of military targets and countermeasures for both low altitude and ballistic missile systems as part of General Dynamics/Hughes.