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Competency-Based Workforce Development

Are you struggling to help employees track credentials, continuously develop competencies, keep up with industry standards, and adhere to regulatory requirements? CABEM’s competency-based workforce solutions bring structure to your development programs—leading to more productive, compliant, and engaged employees.


47% of Learning and Development (L&D) teams plan to deploy microlearning programs this year to address the rapid evolution of skills needed in the workforce.
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Our  Competency-based Workforce Solutions

CABEM provides the tools you need to cultivate a skilled and motivated workforce.

Customizable Training Programs | Credentialing and Compliance Tracking | Skills Assessments

Elevate your organization with strategic employee development tailored to your unique needs

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Identify, develop, and track the skills of your workforce using a clear framework for continuous improvement.

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Streamline the process of verifying, renewing, and managing
professional certifications and licenses.

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Our robust framework ensures CJIS compliance with secure data handling, background checks, audit trails and training.

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83% of organizations reported prioritizing workforce skill enhancement and continuous learning to adapt to technological advancements and remain competitive.
Deloitte U.S.

5 Key Competency Components

Knowledge: Building a solid foundation of fundamental principles, regulations, and best practices relevant to each role ensures that employees are well-informed and capable of making informed decisions. This foundational knowledge is crucial for compliance and effective performance.

Behaviors: Cultivating positive behaviors fosters a productive and ethical workplace culture. Encouraging behaviors such as integrity, accountability, and collaboration ensure a supportive environment that aligns with organizational values.

Competency Solutions

Credentials: Obtaining and maintaining professional certifications and credentials validate an employee’s expertise and compliance with industry standards. This enhances credibility and ensures that the workforce meets regulatory requirements.

Skills: Developing essential skills allows employees to perform their roles effectively. This includes technical and soft skills such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving, which are necessary for the successful execution of tasks and collaboration.

Abilities: Enhancing inherent abilities such as leadership, decision-making, and adaptability is key to thriving in dynamic environments. These abilities help employees handle challenges and drive innovation within the organization.

Other CABEM Solutions

Risk Manager

CABEM’s Risk Manager offers a comprehensive, iterative approach to third-party risk management.

  • Assess, track, and compare vendors as their security postures evolve.
  • Assist preferred vendors in remediating risk and improving their standing.
  • Maintain and prove regulatory compliance.
  • House and adaptively assess both industry standard and custom requirements.

This solution provides everything needed to ensure robust risk management and compliance in your vendor relationships.

Custom Development

CABEM’s Custom Development Solutions are designed to meet your organization’s unique needs.

  • Tailored software solutions that address specific business challenges and objectives.
  • An agile development methodology to ensure timely and budget-friendly delivery.
  • Comprehensive support throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Transformative solutions to help you achieve your strategic goals.

Discover more about how our custom development solutions can benefit your business.

Why Choose CABEM?

CABEM stands at the forefront of workforce development, offering innovative solutions that are tailored to your unique needs. Our commitment to excellence and our deep understanding of industry challenges makes us the ideal partner for your workforce development journey. With CABEM, you can be confident in your ability to foster a skilled, compliant, and forward-thinking workforce.

Why CABEM’s Customizable Workforce Development Platform?



You pick. Host on-premises or in the cloud.

competency customization


Ready to meet your unique business needs.

competency integrations


Connect CABEM with your software and data.

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Improve work quality. Reduce errors and waste.

“CABEM helped us reduce customer-reported issues by 44% and cut scrap by $500k in < 2 years.”

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Andy Fossum
Director of Production, Crystal Group

Real-Time, Audit-Ready Reporting

No more wondering and waiting. CABEM’s audit-ready reports are always up to date.

Featured Reporting Tool:

The Skills Matrix is an interactive cross-tab view of workers and the status of their qualifications. Search for skills needed for a project. Track progress. Click through to intuitively address issues and recognize achievement.

skills matrix

“It’s so easy to answer auditor questions now. We can be super transparent and show our entire process.”

HR Partner, Mission Gear Specialist


CABEM has 20+ years of experience developing custom enterprise solutions for organizations with the highest standards.

Software should be able to do business the way you want to. That’s how we build it.

CABEM Quick-Start Program

Some organizations put off the transition to a workforce development solution because they over-estimate the level of effort required to get started.

So they continue to burn resource hours on inefficient spreadsheet systems for years on end.

At CABEM, we understand you’re busy—too busy for this to turn into a big project. And while it’s going to take a few steps to get up and running, we’ll go out of our way to make it as easy as possible for you.

“CABEM has provided us with a legitimate system to respond to issues and establish accountability.”

HR Manager

“The only vendor we found who was willing to host onpremises and integrate with our existing systems.”



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