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What Does CABEM do at the Software Division?

Building custom applications is CABEM's core heritage. Everyday CABEM works with customers to specify, design, build, test, deploy, and maintain software applications that meet their clients' business and organizational needs. CABEM's successful track record includes businesses, academia, non-profits and the government.

Why Choose CABEM? Because We Deliver

CABEM has been building custom applications everyday since 2002, and has a 100% track record for delivery. CABEM knows building custom applications is challenging and understands people and organizations are different. Therefore, CABEM adapts its approach to the skill, resources, and culture of the client. We are customer-focused and exceptionally responsive, just ask our customers.

Formulating Software Solutions

CABEM practices a guided hands-on approach while gathering requirements specific to your business and developing a plan of action. Our designs take into account industry best practices to ensure the best fit solution for your business. To determine the solution, we prefer to work with a subject matter expert (SME) from your organization who understands your business, culture, objectives, and requirements. Then we go about the process of determining how to build your software using a combination of requirements gathering, process analysis, application design, and software system design. Practicing a hands-on approach while learning your business enables CABEM to build the best fit solution for you.

Software Implementation

CABEM uses its customizable Livia Web Platform as a foundation for the development process to ensure a cost effective, custom, and secure build. Closely aligning with agile development philosophy, which embraces continuous improvement and change, CABEM works closely with the customer throughout the process. Our technical activities include: UX / Front end coding, API's/Integration routines, custom development, database design, server configuration, and testing and Software QA. We use a host of process management and code management tools, as well as development environments.

Application Management

With a proven track record of providing sophisticated technical solutions, our team offers consulting and guidance to find your software solution. Outsourcing technical knowledge is a cost-effective approach for businesses in need of technical expertise, removing the need to hire, train, and maintain an in-house team. Our offerings include server software monitoring and maintenance, ongoing application support and enhancement, and 24/7 monitoring.

Platform and Tools

CABEM uses platforms and tools as appropriate to achieve our customer's requirements. We are comfortable working in either the Windows or Unix/Linux domain. Our web applications are built on Windows, IIS, SQLServer, and .NET technologies like C#, ASP, and ADO, or the typical Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Perl (LAMP) stack. Our desktop and embedded applications are typically written in C++ on the Qt framework to provide portability to Windows, Linux, and Mac (OS X), however we use other libraries and tools where appropriate. Our ERP developers have years of experience with SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics AX implementation and integration effort. We use a host of process management and code management tools to manage development processes such as Redmine, JIRA, and git, as well as tools built internally and maintained in our development environment.