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What is Livia?

Livia is used to power all of CABEM’s products, custom applications, and custom software solutions in multiple industries. Designed, built, and maintained by the company, the platform includes pre-built modules for frontend (customer/user) and backend (administrative management).

Why Livia?

We understand that custom software can be costly and time-consuming, which is why we developed the Livia platform. This allows customers to avoid the initial headache that custom development can bring, and jump start the process. Livia allows us to deploy sophisticated and scalable custom applications easier, faster, and cheaper.


  • Replicate organizational structure with hierarchical drag and drop tools
  • Assign and manage locations and departments
  • Assign and manage roles, permissions, and

    occupational position

  • Store, organize, and manage assets, labor, and resources
  • Publish, organize, and view documents and files

    by permissions

  • Use CMS to populate and manage pages, content, images, navigational elements, videos, and more
  • Workflow engine to extend rule-based and process management capabilities
  • Notification engine to configure event and time-driven notifications to

    user groups

  • Access metrics and reports and connect to after-market analytics packages
  • Extend your unique visual components and branding elements through the template manager
  • Built-in security with authentication, encryption, forensics, and other

    security measures

  • Built-in automatic backup engine to protect data