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What Does CABEM's Security Division Do?

CABEM's security division identifies risks and resolves issues for the three major Information Security variables: software, hardware, and people. To do this, CABEM offers a full spectrum of services from program development to problem resolution, and even ongoing surveillance. Elements of the program include policy and procedure development, risk evaluation, mitigation and resolution, training, and security enhancement programs.

Why Choose CABEM? Because You Will Be Secure

Making sure that your information and software is secure is critical to managing a successful IT program. Since 2002 CABEM has been providing security services to its customers. CABEM uses its Livia Platform as the foundation to ensure all of its software offerings are secure. The company's technical foundation and pragmatic approach has served customers well in their high-risk environments, which include financial and industrial security. CABEM's thorough understanding of software, hardware, and people ensures a comprehensive security solution for your business.

Risk Assessment

The first step towards mitigating your business’ susceptibility to security breaches is to accurately identify risks. Assessing risks is a complex, systematic, and continuous process that is frequently overlooked. To ensure that threats are identified and monitored, CABEM offers expertise in systems and technical risk analysis, including assessments of quality management systems (QMS), software applications, network infrastructure, and organizational assets. We conduct vulnerability analysis, and develop mitigation procedures to minimize risk exposure. Subsequent to completion of the risk assessment, we work closely with our customers to implement solutions through our compliance and ongoing security monitoring program.

Comprehensive Monitoring

In order to maintain security, it is essential to continuously monitor activity. CABEM monitors hosted application performance to ensure availability of resources and to detect abnormal activity. CABEM's Hardened Hosting Platform and Enhanced Testing Program provide a comprehensive monitoring solution that provide peace of mind against potential security threats.

Hardened Hosting Platform

An entirely vertical approach that allows CABEM to control all aspects of production environments. In this offering, CABEM will use a hardened security-focused web application platform, and a managed hosting team of trained and skilled security-aware systems administrators. Allowing CABEM to control all aspects of production environments facilitates coordinated strategies to prevent attackers from compromising company assets.

Enhanced Testing Program

Comprises a comprehensive custom built application testing suite. The testing suite will verify that every major component of the delivered solution is operating to standards. This includes ongoing testing of production systems and integration with the development life cycle, and the defect reporting and resolution workflow.

Security Management System Compliance

An evaluation and assessment of compliance systems and internal strategy implementation. CABEM uses industry accepted and pragmatic methods to evaluate system effectiveness, identify risk, and monitor process performance.

Standards Compliance

Whether you are already implementing an Information Security Management System or just starting out, CABEM can help. As threats are accurately and thoroughly identified, CABEM will make recommendations and guide you in implementing security controls and countermeasures to eliminate vulnerabilities, and reduce the overall risk that your organization faces. All solutions and controls are aligned to assist customers in becoming compliant to industry standards. Examples include:

Technical Compliance

  • Penetration testing
  • Firewall configuration
  • Network and host intrusion detection
  • Data extrusion detection
  • Anti-virus and anti-malware
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • PCI DSS (v2.0 and v3.0)
  • Software security reviews

Systems Compliance