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What is Workplace Trainer?

Workplace Trainer is a cost-effective and user friendly LMS that allows you to create your own curriculum, centralize and manage your employees’ training progress, and streamline your training workflow. The web-based platform is designed to replicate your organizational structure and managerial responsibilities, and is ideal for businesses desiring enterprise solutions.

Why Workplace Trainer?

An informed and skilled workforce is a competitive advantage. The Workplace Trainer's flexible classroom approach allows you to train, teach, and observe employees while documenting their learning and skills. It allows you to assign and manage foundation, core, and specialized requirements across your organization. Designed as a standalone application or to communicate with other information systems, Workplace Trainer provides an effective way to implement an enterprise level training program at low effort per student.



  • Design, implement, and manage online training and testing programs
  • Run training, test reports, and keep records
  • Monitor and verify training and employee status
  • Create and manage unique user groups
  • Manage permissions
  • Upload training materials in various media formats (videos, pdf, word, excel, and more)
  • Communicate messages and display help on admin and user dashboards
  • Reference the administrative metrics dashboard by user, group, or location
  • Access data categories and download data


  • Review training materials
  • Take tests
  • Review test records
  • Download certificates of completion
  • Access a personalized dashboard
  • Receive notifications of upcoming tests/appraisals
  • Monitor status
  • Review designated training and compliance materials
  • Take tests with "In-Progress" save function
  • Retrieve personal test score reports
  • Communicate messages
  • Receive help and tips