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What is Workload Manager?

CABEM’s Enterprise Workload Manager is a collaborative web-based software platform used to automate production systems. Designed for both manufacturing and services, the application manages processes and schedules assets, activities, audits/witnessing, and information. Capable as a standalone application or integrated with others, the Enterprise Workload Manager is a powerful solution.

Why Workload Manager?

The EWM provides you a competitive advantage by allowing you to connect all of your facilities, whether across the country or internationally, to work together and account for changing requirements. Designed for small to mid-tier companies, the Enterprise Workload Manager gives you a sophisticated tool to drive down costs, while increasing organizational and process effectiveness.



  • Set rules and implement processes
  • Set up and manage roles, permissions, users, locations, and assets
  • Configurable notification tool for automated event and time-driven communications
  • View system metrics, analytics, and trends
  • Automated and configurable backup system
  • Secure architecture with encryption, and flexible authentication techniques
  • Built in ERP, API and CSV integration touch points


  • Plan, schedule, and manage projects and activities
  • Plan, schedule, and manage equipment, material and labor
  • Schedule and record remote witnessing
  • User-based dashboard for workload and task management
  • Document and file manager for information management and collaboration
  • View production metrics, analytics, and trends
  • Financial and costing tools for equipment, material and labor