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What is Test Report Manager?

TRM is a web based data management system that allows test laboratories to network, monitor, and record data. It uses the template manager to allow for search, backup, and to render and publish reports of results. TRM is supplied as an integrated hardware and drop-in software solution. The system runs with a wide variety of new and old equipment, regardless of the manufacturer and platform.

Why TRM? Modernize Older Test Labs

TRM has been in service for 10 years, is reliable, and serves to modernize your older equipment by allowing for networking, web based accessibility, and system management from your desktop. Since workstations see TRM as an intelligent printer, it can be installed quickly with minimal impact on existing systems.

It is being used with Spectral Dynamics, Unholtz-Dickie, LMS, Data Physics, M&P vibration controllers, as well as a host of other instrumentation and control data acquisition systems. It is valued by engineers, technicians, technical writers, and managers who want to save time managing data and writing reports.



  • Network: Allows you to network data acquisition equipment and access it remotely, while also serving as a full and secure firewall
  • Monitor: View status of data acquisition equipment from your desktop, and drill down to the workstation to view work in progress
  • Record: Capture data electronically with a simple print command, while automatically loading captured information into a database
  • Search and Sort: Search and sort by criteria such as test date, print date, job number, test type, description, workstation, keywords, etc
  • Publish: Sequence, scale, bundle, name and save data, and use the report template to publish to Microsoft Word, PDF, and more
  • Back Up: The supplied system will backup data as a safety feature