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Let's Work Together

Combining your expertise with the power of the CMGR to bring the most value to the customer. See our four Partner Models and Partner Personas below. If you want to get involved or have any further questions, fill out the form and you will be contacted shortly.

Advocate Partner

You have an expert understanding of your customers’ needs with the ability to offer trustworthy recommendations and provide valuable referrals of our software.

Implementation Partner

You are well versed in how the application functions and provide support by helping to develop, implement, and manage competency programs.

Content Partner

You provide expert content and training materials for use by customers implementing our Competency Manager application.

Strategic Service Partner

Deliver your services directly to clients via our application. Adopt the responsibilities of any or all partnership agreements based on your business model and technical literacy.

Who Can be a Partner?


Sales Person

Content Creator


What is your Expertise?



Learning/ Development



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