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A Credentialing Management Software for Your Most Important Asset. People.

A Credentialing Management Software for Your Most Important Asset. People.

Welcome to your digital filing cabinet. Use Credentialing Manager to automate the process of tracking and administering any required credentials for your organization.

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Store Credentials Online

Upload and store individual’s licensing, accreditations, and certifications earned for current and past years – whether from inside the organization or outside.


Automated Renewal Notifications

Assign alerts on due dates to renew certifications for users based on role, location, and more.


Create Transcripts

Produce records of any completed trainings and competency activities internally to be used for progress reports and internal audits.


At a Glance Reporting

Create a simple visual report of outstanding requirements and completed activities for tasks such as CME and credit hours earned.

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Easily Integrate with Your Current Software Suite

Use modules of the software to integrate with current systems such as any HR software, ERP, or CRM.


Vendor Management

Vendors can access permission-based portals that allow them to see credentials and run reports to access any required information, but restrict them from other info.


Visitor Management

Use the software on a tablet to sign in any on-site visitors and make sure they have the proper credentials.

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Incident Management Reporting

Assign performance indicator assessments and report on risk management in the organization.


CME Tracking

Assign online or classroom trainings for medical providers to earn their CMEs (Continuing Medical Education) and store this information in each user’s profile.


Secure Private Information

Set up extra secure folders for files containing sensitive data such as passports, social security numbers, etc.

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Overall the experience using the software has been great. It has allowed us to improve our learning and development program and train our employees faster, easier, and better than before. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to manage the competency of their employees.

Troy Mossel, Corporate Development Manager

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