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CABEM Competency Manager is the Solution for Terrestrial Energy

Terrestrial Energy will leverage CABEM’s web-based Competency Management application to track the competency and development of Terrestrial Energy employees. Terrestrial Energy is developing clean, cost-competitive, and resilient energy technology that will change how...

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CABEM Hosts DC Strong Charity at Holiday Party

CABEM Hosts DC Strong Charity at Holiday Party. We are honored to host the charity DC Strong at our Holiday Party this year. DC Strong is doing great things in the community. The non-profit gives personalized gifts and experiences to children battling cancer to help...

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CABEM Attends IACP Police Conference

CABEM attends IACP Police Conference (International Association of Chiefs of Police) this year!  We will debut our new product CJIS Manager, which is meant to help criminal justice organizations track CJIS mandatory vendor requirements. For more information, visit our...

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CABEM Develops Web-based Publishing Portal

CABEM develops and provides a web-based publishing portal that allows a major test firm to publish reports to selected viewers and to collaborate online with those viewers. The publishing portal removes requirements for faxing and overnight delivery and results in...

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CABEM Integration Module for Hotel System Upgrade

CABEM integrates the property management system (PMS) of a Five Star Boston Hotel to valet and parking software using SHIM; CABEM's proprietary integration module was released in April 2003. SHIM simplifies integration techniques and allows for browser-based remote...

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Web-based Remote Monitoring for Data Automation Initiative

CABEM provides Climatics automation solutions to major US Test firms to automate the collection of environmental test data. The Climatics system used an old proprietary UNIX system that was no longer supported. The solution required the use of a staging emulator to...

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Web-based Solution to Automate Hiring Process

CABEM provides custom work flow automation software to large personnel staffing company with locations across the USA. The web based software solution automates the process of hiring personnel while communicating pertinent information to the internal staff, clients...

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A New Venture: CABEM, KSU, and M2 Technologies

CABEM agrees to commercial venture with M2 Technologies and Kansas State University (KSU) to develop a software tool that provides expert Environmental Management and Regulatory Compliance guidance to individual users, Academia, Government, and the Commercial Business...

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CABEM Builds and Integrates Metrics Software

CABEM delivers Metrics software to provide Fortune 100 Company with real time financial and quoting metrics. The metrics application has been integrated and acquires data from a Legacy DB2/AS400 financial system. Built within the .Net framework it can be configured by...

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CABEM Collaborates on Environmental Software Tool

CABEM begins work on Phase 2 of the Environmental Knowledge and Assessment tool (EKAT) in collaboration with M2 Technologies and Kansas State University (KSU). EKAT provides the military an automated software tool to identify, research, and evaluate environmental and...

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