Copyright © 2020 CABEM Technologies. All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2020 CABEM Technologies. All rights reserved.

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Improve training program adoption, engagement, and learning retention by catering to different learning styles and personalities in your organization.

Enhance Training


A trusted resource for employers across all industries

Upload, track, store, and report on any required certifications and credentials in your industry. Automate expirations and renewals, as well as access transcripts on hours earned.

Manage Credentials

Forecast potential risks to your organization and employees by viewing data on skills gaps and existing problem areas.

Reduce Risk


Build competency models for groups in the organization such as different roles, departments, locations, teams, and more.

Import credentials for your employees and create documentation for future certifications and accreditations.

Export robust reporting on the competencies, credentials, hours, and risks of the organization.

Prove competency of individuals with a variety of customizable modules including performance assessments, user signoff, mentoring, and traditional LMS methods.

Give awards such as points, CEUs, hours, and more for any incentive programs.

Safety and employee development are a huge part of our culture and we always strive to implement best practices in tandem with progressive systems. The Competency Manager will help us manage the employee growth process, and emphasize safety and risk mitigation in a more effective way.

Peter Owens, President, Tecta America

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Goodbye File Cabinets: Credentialing Is Now In the Cloud

The Competency Manager allows you to build and maintain a framework for organizational competency and compliance.


What Our Customers Are Saying

Prior to working with CABEM, VNA was training our staff in-house and managing employee training by hand. CABEM provided a training solution that addressed our unique field training and reporting requirements, eliminating the need for face-to-face training and enabling one internal resource to manage 1,200 employees.

Brielle MacDonald, Education Program Coordinator, VNA

Competency Modeling

Credentialing Management


Customizable Learning Modules