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CABEM’s integrity, strength, and solutions are a direct expression of our management team. The team is comprised of diverse individuals with subject matter expertise, technical acumen, and a strategic vision that draws from many years of business experience. CABEM offers three core services; Information Security, Software Solutions, and Support Services, and is committed to satisfying the mutual interests of our customers and employees.

Jay Fredkin

CEO / President

Jay provides strategic direction while also directing the day-to-day business activities at CABEM. He is active in solution design and delivery with an emphasis on aligning the interests of CABEM and its customers. Jay has 30+ years of experience in leading results-driven high technology businesses. Prior to CABEM, Jay was CEO and President of ENI, a software business focusing on environmental solutions. Previous to ENI, Jay was a Vice President at NTS, responsible for fulfilling a variety of roles including strategic direction, new venture acquisitions, nuclear and military division management, sales, engineering, and project management. Jay's past experience also includes President of an ISO 9000 Registration business. Jay has served on ANSI/Nuclear IEEE committees, ISO 9000 ICB review boards, and the BOD of several companies throughout the U.S. Jay has a BA from UMASS Amherst.

Chris Matthews

Chief Technical Officer

Core owner of CABEM’s Application Solutions division and CTO, Chris provides leadership to CABEM in the development, deployment, and maintenance of a diverse set of software and hardware solutions, with a total user base of 1+ million users. As CTO, Chris is responsible for managing the technical program and the developers at CABEM. Chris is an experienced programmer, is personally conversant in both open source and .net development environments, and is skilled in application design and data modeling. A graduate of Northeastern University, Chris interned at EMC where he learned chip and board level hardware engineering skills.

Philip Bowens

Information Security and Software Quality

Core owner of CABEM’s Information Security division, Phil leads the ISO 27000 software security program. With over 15 years of experience in IT and software development, Phil was previously a senior solutions architect and systems engineer for CABEM. Prior to CABEM, Phil worked as a consultant, serving clients of various sizes. He graduated with degrees in Computer Science and Mathematical Sciences from the University of Kentucky, where he participated in undergraduate research and was awarded a scholarship and internship at the campus Network Operations Center, giving him hands on experience in an enterprise IT environment. His extensive backgrounds in both software development and information technology provide him a unique perspective to the needs and requirements of security programs that require administrative, technical, and physical control knowledge, as well as management capabilities.