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CABEM's Process


Defining and Meeting your Needs

CABEM's mission is to meet and exceed our customer's expectations. We work with our customers as an extension of their business and leverage their expertise as part of our own process. We understand success is a mutual endeavor.

Requirements Analysis

CABEM works closely with the customer to determine project requirements. We take into account the problems that need to be solved, customer expectations, and desired outcomes. CABEM keeps in mind existing workflow, resources, security, current applications, quality systems, and best practices to ensure your solution is in line with your company culture and future marketplace plans ― all while improving ROI.

Specification and Design

Based on the requirements, CABEM develops the design and/or specification. Elements considered include the user interface and visual design, software architecture, the programming and database language, security, and server/hosting environment. In the design phase, our inclusion of creative services sets us apart from software development-only services. As a result, the design not only meets the base requirements, but the visual layout and presentation create a satisfactory user experience.

Build and Test

CABEM's development team builds and tests software efficiently using disciplined software development techniques. We are comfortable working with a host of tools to support Windows, Linux, or UNIX platforms, whether desktop, server, web-based, or mobile. Software testing and quality assurances are critical components of our software development process.

Deployment and Maintenance

CABEM can install and train at the customer's site, host the application, or arrange for third party hosting. Desktop packages are typically deployed with an easy to use graphical installer. In all cases, CABEM works with the customer to determine the best deployment model. CABEM provides ongoing maintenance services for the majority of our customers.