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CABEM provides its unique security, software, and support solutions to a wide spectrum of industries. CABEM works hard to formulate close and long-term business relationships with our clients. We view our customer relationships as a partnership and our client’s success as a direct reflection of our services. We work closely with our customers to learn their business and provide services that align with our client’s future goals and success. Our solutions grow and adapt as the companies we work with do, and CABEM ensures that our clients receive the attention they need.


CABEM builds applications to empower businesses to execute their unique business model. We work closely with our customers to energize and scale their business, streamline processes, and enable new capabilities for significant efficiency and effectiveness gains.

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CABEM combines application, software, and hardware expertise to provide solutions that protect your privacy, security, and information assets. We establish and support protective measures and ensure your data is safe.

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CABEM builds and maintains applications for financial industries. Our customer-facing portals follow an automated workflow for loan processes, and organize data electronically to add capability.

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CABEM builds software to provide innovative solutions that encourage entrepreneurial opportunities and knowledge-learning. Sharing ideas with leaders in academia keeps CABEM current and contributes to our growth as a progressive and creative organization.

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CABEM creates applications and tools that help deliver information to health care professionals. Our solutions provide a foundation for knowledge sharing across the community, helping health care organizations cut costs while improving performance.

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CABEM designs and deploys multiple applications which solve environmental problems across a variety of markets, and help organizations and communities to achieve higher standards

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